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we're going to HELL.

title: Interface
authors: Steve and Dave (nostalgia_lj and thedorkygirl)
rating: pr0n
spoilers: new series
pairing: ten/TARDIS
summary: alien-human hybrid/sentient time ship porn

He moved his hands carefully over her controls, fingers teasing at her dials and buttons. She vibrated and purred with his slightest touch. He guided her gently through the vortex.

She shuddered, and the whole room pulsed. They stumbled together. He banged on the panel, trying for control. Her rotors rose and fell with tension and need. His rhythmic thumping drove her onwards to their destination. It was too early yet, and she withstood his ministrations. A little longer was all that was required; she whispered her need to him. She could feel his hearts racing, his gasped exhalations of passion.

But she knew he was thinking of Rose. No matter how many times they walked this path, another would be waiting for him at the end. The TARDIS was alone on the edges of time as he only imagined himself to be.

So she rose as waves crest over the waters. Alone, she flitted through time and came, triumphant, to their journey's end.
Tags: [fandom] doctor who
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